Workshops Coming Soon

Want to improve your life and computer skills?
Workshops coming soon!
Learn life and computer skills that will help make you more employable!

Sharehouse staff members are currently reaching out to community members, seeking volunteers to offer workshops that will help Prosser's youth gain and hone their life skills and computer proficiency. If you or someone you know would like to offer skills training at the Sharehouse, please contact the Director at 

Potentially, classes could include:

Learn how to crop images in photos, trim the bad scenes from videos, and create beautiful finished work.

Learn the elements of a good logo, how to choose colors, and best output for web and print.

Find out how to track and incorporate changes, create headers and footers, and set up format templates.

Learn the skills that can help make you stand out as a leader in your school and on the job. 

Learn skills and acquire knowledge that allows you to make informed and effective financial decisions.

Learn the formal manners and rules that are followed in social and professional settings.

Do you have suggestions for a workshop? Email us at