Free Music Lessons and a Place to Jam Out

Does music make you happy? Jam out in our soundproof room! Creating music can benefit overall well-being and create happiness and relaxation in everyday life.

Learn to play an instrument with private music lessons or sign up to jam out with friends or by yourself for up to two hours. Music lessons are taught by a music teacher. The rest of the time, the music room is available for kids and teenagers to practice or create music without disturbing their neighbors. If you would like to reserve a time for practicing your musical instrument or would like to take private music lessons, please call (509)781-6481, or email us at to insure the Music Room's availability

Offered by a music teacher who loves to share the joy of music.

Learning and playing music fosters creativity and creates joy.

Play as loud as you want – it's soundproof!

Join your friends and peers to create music and learn new skills.

The uniform sound-distribution design of the space helps create a comfortable, well-balanced music room.