Mentoring Programs and Partnerships

Seeking guidance and advice?
Mentoring empowers change.
One-on-one mentoring with private conversations creates
trust and builds relationships.

Sharehouse’s faith-based Mentoring Program is an excellent parent resource. Our staff members carefully match a child facing adversity with a caring adult mentor. Each Sharehouse mentor has been meticulously screened and formally trained. They are then partnered with a student based on areas for development, mentor strengths, overall experience, skill set, and objectives. Sharehouse mentors apply Christian principles with a focus on healing, nurturing, providing guidance, and establishing goals. Mentors must be at least 19 years old. 

Caring, Adult Mentors

Christians passionate about helping you succeed in life.

Individual Mentoring

One-on-one mentoring provides someone you can confidentially talk with to share your worries and hopes.

Relationship Development

Beneficial adult relationships make you feel good about yourself and help inspire you for the future.

Improve Self-Confidence

A mentor can help improve your self-esteem, leading to better relationships and stronger social networks. 

Learn Life Skills

Mentors help you learn important life skills such as time management, emotional intelligence, decision making, and problem-solving.