Teens laughing and eating together - Sharehouse Prosser
  • Food and Drink Sold at Cost
  • Hot and Cold Beverages
  • Job Training


Tweens in a computer lab - Sharehouse Prosser
  • Multiple Computers
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Free Wi-Fi


Computer Lab

teens playing video games - Sharehouse Prosser
  • Multiple Stations
  • Age-Appropriate Games
  • For Gamers of All Ages

Video Game Stations

Microphone, keyboard, guitars and drums - Sharehouse Prosser
  • Sound-Proof Music Room 
  • Bring Your Own Instruments
  • Free 30-Minute Music Lessons

Music Room

Two men playing air hockey - Sharehouse Prosser
  • Free Air Hockey
  • First-Come, First-Served
  • Check-In for Equipment

Air Hockey Table

Student writing in classroom - Sharehouse Prosser
  • Classroom Setting
  • Quiet, Private Room
  • Tutors Available

Study Room

Many teens hanging out around a couch - Sharehouse Prosser
  • Monthly Worship Night
  • Active Team Games
  • Open Mike Nights

Friday Night Socials

Students studying on a couch - Sharehouse Prosser
  • Comfortable Couches & Chairs
  • Kick Back and Relax
  • Enjoy Conversation

Entertainment Lounge

Teens gathered on a couch around TV - Sharehouse Prosser
  • Program Calendars
  • Upcoming Events
  • Available for Tutoring

Programs & Tutoring Screen