ESL Classes Learn to speak English

Want to learn English?
Classes help you prepare!
Classes offer a supportive learning environment and equip you for success.

Bridging Cultures offers daytime ESL classes on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00-11:00AM. Fall session is October 8 through November 28, 2018. Winter session begins January 9, 2019. Books are $10 each and there is no charge for the class. This class is being offered through grant monies received from the Wenatchee Apple Education Foundation. This is not a Sharehouse Program.

Learn English vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, and speaking. 

Learn Spanish vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, and speaking. 

For immigrants and refugees who will soon be eligible to apply for U.S. Citizenship.

Missed a class or two? That's ok. Join anytime you can. 

Learn or improve your English or Spanish speaking, writing, and reading abilities.